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  • Mauricio Sousa But the origin of Mauricio's accomplishments goes back to his childhood dreams. Born in Santa Izabel, a small town outside of São Paulo, the son of parents who were both artists, Mauricio loved to write and draw from early on. As a young man, he moved to the big city and started out in journalism as a police reporter for the “Folha de S. Paulo” newspaper. But his dream was to create comics. In 1959, the newspaper ran his first comic strip, starring a little blue pup named Blu. It marked the starting point for a highly sucessful international career that continues to expand in Brazil and around the globe.

    With the syndication of his early comic strips, Mauricio left journalism to start his carrer as artist/cartoonist, opening his own studio and creating scores of cartoon characters – Chuck Billy'n'Folks. Horacio's World, Tina and Pals, Lionel's Kingdom, Bug-a-Booo, the Cavern Clan and many more. But always in the lead are the Monica and Friends characters, a bunch of six and seven-year-olds, each with a unique personality, who have fun doing what kids everywhere like to do. At the heart of the plots is the eternal rivalry between girls and boys to be leader of the gang. With Monica, Jimmy Five, Maggy and Smudge the result is all kinds of funny, lively, action-filled stories. But always in the spotlight is Monica herself, the undisputed star of the whole delightful gang.

    In publishing, Mauricio's comics have been among the top-selling children's titles in Brazil for many years. With ONE BILLION comic books sold, plus hardcover storybooks, activity books, giant and mini comic books, sticker albuns, 3-D books and CD-ROMs, Monica and Friends publications represent 86% of the children's market in Brazil. The fact that Mauricio's work has been translated into dozens of languages in over 50 countries attests to the international appeal of the stories and the characters, with interest in it increasing steadily worldwide.

  • Mauricio Sousa From the drawing board of Brazilian cartoonist Mauricio de Sousa, over 200 cartoon characters for kids have come to life, led by the signature group, Monica and Friends. Mauricio, founder and CEO of Mauricio de Sousa Produções, one of the largest art studios in the world, leads a team of over 150 artists at the giant comics enterprise to turn out a steady stream of creative artwork for publishing, animation, licensing, theme parks, live character shows, a web site, apps, games, promotions and cultural campaigns.