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  • Monicas everywhere. Her iconic figure is recognized from one end of the country to the other, being loved from children of all ages (from 0 to 90!). After 50 years of charming and entertaining the Brazilian public, Monica, has become an icon that doesn’t just belong to Mauricio de Sousa Productions but rather to everyone who enjoys her presence. Monica belongs to everyone in Brazil.

  • 2013: Monica’s year. To celebrate Monica’s semi-centennial career, Mauricio de Sousa Productions is preparing a special 2013 with commemorative products, special editions, expos, animated cartoons, and much more in an entire year of celebration. Her first appearance was on the 3rd of March in 1963, but, the party will go on for all of 2013 and everyone is invited.

  • Monica 50 years. In 1963, in a small home studio, Mauricio de Sousa, scribbled rough drafts as he searched for a female characters to contrast the male characters he had already come up with (Franklin, Jimmy Five, Bucky, Jeremiah). “But, how should the female character be?” he thought. As it would turn out, he wouldn’t have to turn very far for inspiration. His daughters; Mary Angela (3 years old) had already inspired Jimmy Five’s little sister. Monica (2 years old) and Maggy (A year old) were always playing around nearby, proving to be a never ending fountain of ideas for many stories to come.