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  • The years have passed but Monica continues to be a little bucktoothed. Still leading her friends, she’s turned into a very confident young girl that’s starting to see Jimmy Five in a different light.

    Jimmy Five is now better known as J-Five.Instead of trying to plan ways to steal Monica’s plush rabbit, he now focuses on ways to make the world a better place. He’s also learned to perfectly pronounce the letter ‘R’.

    Smudge continues to be messy but - gasp! - he’s turned over a new leaf in learning to be cleaner. It would also seem that the opinions of girls have started to matter.

    Maggy still eats a lot but now she is a little more worried about her health. She continues to be a caring friend, including to cats, like her beloved Vanilla.

  • Monica is very young but she’s strong enough to give out bashings with her inseparable ‘Samson’. The naughty Jimmy Five does everything to steal such said plush rabbit. It becomes even clearer that Smudge was born with a fear of water. Maggy, even while being tiny, still has a huge appetite. Blu is still a puppy. Angel loves to fly over them and watch over the entire group!

    As well as immediate identification with young children, Monica and Friends Baby reaches directly into the hearts of mothers that know they can trust the products that carry the Mauricio de Sousa signature.

  • Also living in this universe that is splendid in its simplicity is Rosie Lee; his cousins Zeke and Benny; and his good friend Taka. In Chuck Billy’s stories you’ll also find many pets, like the rooster Rocky, Porkchop the pig and his beloved hen, Ma Megg.